Bedouin Life in the Desert


Tour Details​ 

We will spend the weekend exploring and photographing the area between Bethlehem and the Dead Sea.

Our host will be a Bedouin family from the desert of Rashayda. One of the last Bedouins in the full sense of the word, still keeping to a nomadic lifestyle. In winter, their camp hides from the wind in caves of the desert, in the summer the family moves their tents to the breezy plain.

This visit will give us an intimate understanding of traditional Bedouin life where the communities still adhere to their traditional roots. In this area, at the heart of the desert, the Law of the Desert still governs daily life.


This event will take place in Area B and Area C of the West Bank as designated by Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Tour Dates


Day 1: Friday

We will begin our day at 9:00 AM with transport from Tel Aviv (with pickups along the way) en route to the Palestinian village of Rashayda and the surrounding desert areas before meeting our Bedouin guides and hosts. We will be accompanied during the entire weekend by Ariel Lasman, certified tour guide from Finjan Israel

We will have a short walk (~30 min) from where the bus drops us off to the Bedouin family's home. A jeep will take care carrying any equipment that you don't want to carry. 

Upon arrival, we will have coffee and tea while we meet our host and his family.  Ariel will give us background about the family and the people of this area. This will be followed by photography talks:

- Do's and Don't

- How to build a story 

- Creating compelling compositions

We will spend a few hours documenting life at the families' home, as the traditional bread, Shrak is being prepared, animals return home, etc. You will be accompanied by two photography guides who you can consult with any questions. 

From there we will begin to explore the desert by walking to Rujum a Naka (~ 30 min), an old Jordanian Police Station guarding the desert paths. Then walk to our camp (~ 30 min), a large Bedouin tent provided with mattresses and stuff our bellies after a desert sunset (sunset time 17:40).

At night we will have a session about night photography techniques.

Day 2: Saturday

Sunrise time: 7:10 AM - optional wake up by dawn, getting to a good spot around the camp to capture the scenery during sunrise hours.

We will be treated with a rich Bedouin breakfast before we start getting ready for our Jeep tour, visiting three of the best, yet very different lookout spots of this area overlooking the Dead Sea. Around noon, we will be back at the family's home where we will have a closing session that includes professional feedback on your photos and a lecture on selecting photos to create a story. 

We will say our goodbyes to the family and start our way home by 3pm. 


- 650 NIS / person online payment and 

- 200 NIS in addition is required to be paid to our Bedouin host in cash for meals and hosting. This will be collected by us during the trip. This is a fix priced, regardless of whether or not participants choose to eat or sleep ‘outside’ of the camp area.



  • This tour is in Area B and Area C of the West Bank as designated by Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Each traveler is responsible for his or her own safety.

  • If you are vegetarian or vegan, please let us know after signing up so we can prepare a special meal option.

  • Mattresses and blankets will be provided; however, we recommend to bring your own sleeping bag.

  • The trip is contingent on a certain amount of participants and will be cancelled should we not meet this requirement.

  • Bring at least 3 liters of water with you for the first day. We provide water on Day 2

  • This tour includes easy hikes.




  • Full transport from Tel Aviv and return to Tel Aviv

  • Two photographers accompany the team for the weekend

  • Certified Israeli tour guide from Finjan Israel

  • Palestinian Bedouin guide/host

  • Jeep to carry equipment

  • Jeep rides by Bedouin driver/guide on Day 2

  • Full, locally cooked dinner on Day 1

  • Breakfast on Day 2

  • Tea and Coffee throughout the trip

  • Mattresses and Large Bedouin Tent

  • Water refill on Day 2



  • Your smartphone / DSLR / mirrorless camera and any other equipment that you may want to use (e.g. lenses, tripod, flash, etc.)

  • Sleeping bag (optional)

  • Warm clothes for the evening

  • Water for the first day

  • Sandwiches/snacks for lunch on the first day and second day.

  • Any medications you need

  • Flashlight



  • Full refund will be issued no later than 96 hours prior to the event.


* The online payment does not include 200 NIS cash for meals and hosting and sleeping arrangements, which is required to be paid in cash to the hosting Bedouin family. Read under "COST" for full payment details. 


My Israeli Memories has the right to change the schedule and the route of the trip based on weather conditions and professional considerations decisions around safety.

The trip is due to a minimum number of participants. 


This trip is organized in cooperation with Israel's best alternative travel company, Finjan Israel.

Ariel Lasman will accompany us during the entire trip and give us the background and explanations about the area and its people. 




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